RECSA is an intergovernmental organisation whose sole mandate is to address the proliferation of illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons. We partner with other intergovernmental organisations, African Union, and Regional Intergovernmental bodies and our strategic development partners to execute our mandate.

The proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons in the Great Lakes Region, Horn of Africa and Bordering States continues to sustain armed conflicts, cattle rustling, poaching and fuels armed crimes and terrorism. All these challenges contribute to fragility situations that result into negative effects on sustainable development.

Over the years, a consensus has emerged that there are negative and mutually reinforcing links between armed violence, insecurity and development. Armed violence and insecurity have profound and long term negative consequences for states, societies and the quality of people’s lives. SALW as a tool of choice in armed conflicts is a major driver of fragility that weakens societies/nations resilience.

The proliferation of small arms constitutes a threat to human development, good governance and democratic consolidation. The recognition of the inter-dependence of security and development can be articulated in the relationship between poverty, inequality, lack of opportunity and causes of violence.

Our Objectives

  1. Increased capacity of National institutions responsible for SALW management and control at the Member State level and at the Secretariat
  2. Strengthening Arms management and control in Member States to create a safe environment for sustainable development
  3. Promotion of SALW adaptive research, public education and awareness
  4. Mainstreaming of Monitoring & Evaluation and Special Interest Groups in all RECSA SALW related interventions