Call for Proposals

RECSA invites proposals to provide consultancy services for: “the Production of Video Documentary on the implementation of the EU-AU Project”. More details on the services are provided in the attached Terms of Reference(Click here to view).

The proposals should be sent by email to procurement@recsasec.org  before or by midnight (GMT) Thursday, 03 August 2017.



RECSA lance des appels a soumission pour fournir des services de conseil pour: “La production de documentaire vidéo sur la mise en œuvre du projet UE-UA”. Plus de détails sur les services sont fournis dans les termes de référence ci-joints(Cliquez ici pour afficher).

Les soumissions doivent être envoyées par courrier électronique à procurement@recsasec.org avant ou à minuit (GMT) le jeudi 3 août 2017.


Destruction of obsolete Arms in Kenya

The Regional Centre on Small Arms and Light Weapons (RECSA) on 7th July 2017, witnessed the destruction of 13, 417 SALW; owned by the Kenyan government but rendered obsolete/unserviceable, at the GSU Field Training School in Magadi.
The event was graced by the GSU Commandant Mr. Stephen Chelimo (S/AIGP) who represented the chief guest; Mr. Muvea (AIGP) – the Commanding Officer in-charge of the GSU Field Training School in Magadi; the KNFP Director Mr. M. Ochola (AIGP)and the RECSA Director of Administration and Finance Mr. Philip Ouma Awino (CP) who represented the Executive Secretary.

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Mission to DRC on the Implementation of the Nairobi Protocol

A delegation led by the RECSA Executive Secretary, Mr. Théoneste Mutsindashyaka undertook a successful mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo from July 3rd to 5th, 2017; seeking to consolidate gains made in implementing the Nairobi Protocol for the prevention, control and reduction of small arms and light weapons in the Great Lakes Region, the Horn of Africa and bordering states..
During the visit, the delegation held bilateral talks with the DRC Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs Hon. Basile Olongo, Minister for Defense Hon. Crispin Atama Tabe and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Aggé Matembo.

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Training on Safe Management of Arms in Tanzania

RECSA prioritizes the capacity building of member states to enhance their capacity to secure and maintain their weapons and ammunitions, as obligated under the Nairobi Protocol.

One of the activities under this strategic intervention is the training of Security agents on the Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) of state owned arsenals. The PSSM training responds to the weak capacity among armed units to plan and implement arms management interventions.

The training modules empower participants on methodologies for ensuring that weapons will be operational when needed and that only authorized personnel will have access to them. It also builds capacity for responsible arms management to deter diversion and the risk of unintentional explosions.

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