The functions of RECSA Secretariat as articulated in Article 12, Sub- Article 2 of the Agreement on the Establishment of RECSA include:

To coordinate the implementation of the Nairobi Declaration, the Coordinated Agenda for Action and its implementation Plan, the Nairobi Protocol in consultation with the Member States;

To consult with sub-regional, regional and international agencies including the Civil Society Organizations and other experts in the implementation of the Nairobi Declaration and Nairobi Protocol;

To prepare draft proposals and agreements on matters arising from the decisions and recommendations of the Council;

To prepare surveys, studies, information and guidelines on legal, political, economic, social, cultural and technical matters of common concern to, and essential for broadening and deepening cooperation among Member States;

To conduct and facilitate research, exchange and disseminate information between and among sub-regional, Regional Agencies, National Focal Points and Civil Society to support the implementation of the Nairobi Declaration and the Nairobi Protocol;

To Identify, initiate, coordinate, monitor and harmonize initiatives for realization of the Centre;

To organize and facilitate the meetings of the Council and those of the Technical Advisory Committee and other relevant meetings; and 

To coordinate and assist the National Focal Points in the implementation of the Nairobi Declaration and the Nairobi Protocol.

Pillar 1: Coordinating SALW Management and Control Interventions in the RECSA Sub-Region;

Specific Objectives 

Support Member States to improve weapons and ammunition Management to reduce diversion

Support RECSA Member States to strengthen National Mechanisms for Small Arms Management and Control

Establish and sustain coordination networks of SALW players in the RECSA sub region

Support RECSA Member States in Resource Mobilisation initiatives for SALW management and control

Pillar 2: Conducting Adaptive Research, Public education and Awareness; 

Specific Objectives

Build the research capacity of RECSA Secretariat so that it can become the premier source of information on SALW in the region

Enhance Public Education and awareness on SALW issues

Enhance participation and involvement of Member States in RECSAs programmes

Pillar 3: Institutional Strengthening and Development of RECSA secretariat and Member States.

Specific Objectives

3.1 To improve operational performance of RECSA

3.2 To improve and sustain partnerships with all relevant stakeholders

3.3 Construction of RECSA permanent Headquarters and establishment of RECSA Regional Training Centre

Pillar 4: Mainstreaming Gender and Special Interest Groups in SALW Programmes and Initiatives.

Specific Objectives

4.1 Enhance Participation and Involvement of Women, Girls and other special interest groups in SALW interventions in the region