RECSA Executive Secretary and Eritrea officials meeting on Strengthening Regional and National Institutions for Reduction of Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons.

The RECSA Executive Secretary met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Commander of Eritrean Police to discuss the implementation of the Nairobi Protocol in the state of Eritrea.  The Executive Secretary reiterated his commitment to strengthen partnership between RECSA and the respective 15 Member States. He also appreciated the government of the State of Eritrea for the support to the RECSA Secretariat.

 H.E. Osman Saleh also informed the Executive Secretary that the Ministry of Defence has consistently reinforced border control to ensure there is no arms trafficking in the country. The Minister reiterated Eritrea’s commitment to enhancing regional cooperation and in particular the provisions in the Nairobi Protocol.

RECSA has supported the State of Eritrea with the purchase of two arms marking machines and arms marking training, developed the National Action Plan on SALW control and destruction of unexploded ordinances.