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RECSA together with the United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR) had a two-day joint workshop in order to develop a road map that better identifies areas of joint programming which includes specific actions and key indicators.
UNITAR is an autonomous body within the UNITED NATION (UN) that was established in 1965 pursuant to a UN General Assembly resolution, with the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of the UN through appropriate training & research.
UNITARS mission is to develop the individual institutional and organizational capacities of countries and other UN stakeholders through high quality learning solutions and related knowledge products and services to enhance decision making and to support country level action for overcoming global challenges.
UNITAR and RECSA share common goals and objectives with regard to support for peace and security in Africa. Therefore, the joint workshop was to discuss how to reach out and mobilize donors for resources on various projects.

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1/4 Today RECSA in partnership with MSAG & BICC opened a regional training for LEAs & the military on Physical Security & Stockpile Mgt (PSSM).The course will run from 11-15 Oct & selected best participants will continue with 1 week ToT program to produce future PSSM instructors.

RECSA Executive Secretary's Statement during the #UNSC Meeting addressing the threat posed by the illicit flow of #SALW in the context of Peace Operations.

1/2 RECSA ES stated that before deployment of Peace Keepers the UN should be able to know the source of illicit weapons hence the missions should include undertaking interventions aimed at cutting off the source of the illicit Fire Arms.

RECSA ES: Through its Regional approach,RECSA has achieved significant results in Small Arms management and control interventions #UNSC

Happening Now:#UNSC Meeting addressing threat posed by the illicit flow of #SALW in the context of Peace Operations.The RECSA Executive Secretary is giving a briefing on RECSA's mandate

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