RECSA continues to strengthen Member States capacity in arms management and control through intensive trainings on Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM).
On September, 24-28, RECSA, in close cooperation with BICC and SARCOM, conducted PSSM training for selected participants drawn from the Sudanese armed forces, National police and DDR commission staff. The trainers were drawn from Kenya, Seychelles and Rwanda.
Thirty officials attended the 5 days training which was officially opened by the Minister for internal security Hon. Lt-Gen Hamid MANNAN. On the fourth day a practical training was conducted at the army ordinance division in Khartoum where participants were shown how arms and ammunition are kept in different storage facilities and participants made their recommendations on how the system could be improved.

Responsible management of state-owned weapons and ammunition (through effective PSSM) is one of the ways of addressing the threat posed by the proliferation of illegal arms. Effective arms management deters diversion and reduces the risk of unintended explosion.

The PSSM training course entails theoretical and practical classes on management of the full life cycle of arms from manufacturing to destruction.
RECSA and BICC are working on a sustainable model of PSSM training that will develop the capacity of a pool of RECSA Trainers who can transfer the knowledge to other trainers; cascading the PSSM training at the National level.
Moving forward, RECSA’s vision is to build a dedicated regional training/center of excellence on Small Arms including PSSM in Rwanda.

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