On 28th August 2017, RECSA hosted various stakeholders for a dissemination workshop on the findings of three expert studies on the nexus between Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) and Fragility, Poaching and Cattle rustling in the RECSA region.
The workshop sought to build synergies for multi-faced approaches towards reducing the illegal accumulation, trafficking and misuse of firearms. The meeting also served to build momentum for the integration of security interventions as a critical aspect of human/socio-economic Development in line with the Sustainable Development Goal No. 16 on peaceful and inclusive societies.
The Research Consultant shared a presentation, paving way for honest deliberations on the country-specific findings of the fragility, poaching and cattle rustling studies, including the current situation and key drivers of the problems as well as the recommendations made to address the problems.
The discussions by the delegates culminated to commitments on the following actions:

a) All National Focal Points (NFPs) agreed to pursue their respective member states to take up and implement the recommendations in the three study reports i.e. on fragility, poaching and cattle rustling.
b) The representatives of the member states agreed to implement strategies of approaching development partners in their respective countries to seek for financial and technical support towards implement SALW interventions.
c) RECSA pledged to support all member states that need support in the area of SALW control and management such as electronic record management and PSSM training among others.
The Workshop was attended by National Focal Points on Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) from the RECSA region: Burundi, Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Kenya, Rwanda, Republic of Congo, Seychelles, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. The meeting was also attended by representatives of Embassies, United Nations agencies and the civil society.

For more details on the workshop:
1.Presentation on the Study reports by Dr. Elias Opongo, Lead Researcher, Hekima University College Click here to download
2.Speech by RECSA Executive Secretary Mr. Theoneste Mutsindashyaka Click here to download
3.Workshop Report on presentations made workshop discussions and proposed actions as identified by workshop participants.  Click here to download
4.The Studies discussed: http://recsasec.org/index.php/study-reports

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