RECSA has delivered 150 Steel Arms Boxes to the United Republic of Tanzania to improve the safe storage of firearms and ammunition owned by the government.
The provision of the Arms Boxes is part of RECSA’s efforts to enhance the capacity of Member States’ in the Physical Security and Management of conventional weapons and ammunition. The Steel boxes shall be distributed to various police posts and operational bases with the goal of reducing diversion and loss of government stocks. They also improve accountability and complement arms marking and record-keeping efforts.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Dhahiri Kidavashari expressed gratitude to RECSA and the US Government as he received the Boxes on behalf of the Tanzanian Government.
The provision of the Steel Boxes by RECSA is supported by the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (WRA)/Political Military Bureau of the Government of the United States.
RECSA has partnered with the PM/WRA since 2006 on various projects seeking to address problems caused by the proliferation of Illicit SALW in its region.

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