The Regional Centre on Small Arms and Light Weapons (RECSA) on 7th July 2017, witnessed the destruction of 13, 417 SALW; owned by the Kenyan government but rendered obsolete/unserviceable, at the GSU Field Training School in Magadi.
The event was graced by the GSU Commandant Mr. Stephen Chelimo (S/AIGP) who represented the chief guest; Mr. Muvea (AIGP) – the Commanding Officer in-charge of the GSU Field Training School in Magadi; the KNFP Director Mr. M. Ochola (AIGP)and the RECSA Director of Administration and Finance Mr. Philip Ouma Awino (CP) who represented the Executive Secretary.

The event was successful and the Kenyan government appreciated the support given to them by RECSA in SALW control.
The destruction exercise was supported by RECSA within the PM/WRA project funded by the Government of the United States.


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